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Singing Lessons & Public Speaking Confidence

Welcome to Vocalwise. I’m Jake Boyle.
Vocalwise sessions available in Rye, East Sussex from December 2015
  You’ve come to the right place if you want...
   singing lessons
   song rehearsal
   voice coaching
   confidence building
   audition preparation
   public speaking confidence
   to find out if you can learn to sing.

Hear some Vocalwise singers....   

About Singing Sessions
Where & When
I offer one to one private sessions from my studio in Rye, East Sussex Mondays to Fridays, day and evening.
I also run the unique Vocalwise Voice Workout group course for beginners and improvers which is open to the public and also taught at Performing Arts Academies.           

Private Singing Lessons
Most of my singing clients are interested in voice building and singing songs. 
Many clients sing in a Choir and need help learning their parts and strengthening the voice to give them the confidence to sing out.  
A typical session may include some vocal warm up, voice building exercises and song rehearsal and / or recording. You can expect to do alot and take away plenty to work with from each session. Of course, your sessions are all about getting what you want. 
Email me to arrange sessions or call me on 01797 222 796.
Private sessions Monday to Friday - day and evening
at the Vocalwise teaching room, 18 New Road, Rye,East Sussex, TN31 7LT

Vocalwise Voice Workout Class
This is a fitness class for your voice. This is now in it’s 12th year and I’m very much looking forward to the courses starting in February 2016 in Rye, East Sussex. Email me for details.
I teach anyone from the age of 13 from complete beginners to experienced professionals.
I work with ordinary people who know they want to sing. I work with more experienced singers, college students who want to really take it seriously, professionals who want to make some changes.

I also specialise in teaching Performance Confidence and offer Public Speaking Confidence sessions.  See some Public Speaking Testimonials 

You can take occasional or frequent sessions, it’s up to you.

What you can expect from me
When you learn with me you’ll benefit from my experience as a professional singer, writer / producer and experienced voice coach. You’ll have a teacher who can teach you how to sing your songs, build your vocal skills and confidence and help you reach your potential as a singer & performer.
I use a combination of my all - round music experience and my training as an
NLP Practitioner to assist teaching and confidence building.
Have a look at some Testimonials to see how some people have gained from Voice Coaching at Vocalwise.
As a published composer & songwriter my credits include songs, Title & Incidental music for Dramas and Documentaries. My clients include BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Film 4, TCM, UKTV, Channel 5, UNICEF, TellTale Productions(The Tweenies!) and Bjork MTV Unplugged...

Session Prices
Singing Lessons                                   £40 per hour
Public Speaking Confidence           £60 per hour
Vocalwise Voice Workout               £120 for 6 X 90 min. group classes
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Email me to arrange sessions or call me on 01797 222 796.
Private sessions are given on Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays day and night
at the Vocalwise teaching room, 18 New Road, Rye,East Sussex, TN31 7LT
Please have a look around the site to book sessions, see group course details,
hear Jake sing, hear clients sing and get inspired to set your voice free!
contact Jake Boyle on 01797 222 796 or Email Jake here

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