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Singing Lessons & Public Speaking Confidence

Jake's background and approaches to Voice Coaching
I have developed Vocalwise Voice Coaching over the past 20 years. I'm a professional singer, musician, producer and NLP Performance Coaching specialist. 
I’ve been a musician, teacher & music producer for 25 years and I do around 100 gigs a year.
I am an NLP Performance Confidence specialist boasting a 100% success rate for ‘Stage Fright’ removal.

I am lucky enough to also work as a Voice Coach and NLP Personal Change Coach with people recovering from Brain Injury at Avanti ABI in St. Leonards near Hastings.
As a published composer & songwriter my credits include songs, Title & Incidental music for Dramas and Documentaries. My clients include BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Film 4, TCM, UKTV, Channel 5, UNICEF, TellTale Productions (The Tweenies!) and Bjork MTV Unplugged...

I am dedicated to helping people to find, build and enjoy their voices.
” I do music and I want you to do it too”
I Coach people of all ages and abilities and in my experience, you can grow your voice with the right teacher. I'll give you healthy balance of technical physical work, practical song - singing and focus on your own tastes and ambitions.
My Coaching methods combine practical voice training, powerful learning techniques and music - making experience to give you fast track voice development,confidence
and a great time singing!
 Hear Jake singing....    

Email me to arrange sessions or call me on 01797 222 796.
Private sessions are given Monday to Friday day and evening
at the Vocalwise teaching room, 18 New Road, Rye,East Sussex, TN31 7LT
Session Prices
Singing Lessons                                    £40 per hour
Public Speaking Confidence            £60 per hour
Vocalwise Voice Workout             £120 for 6 X 90 min. group classes

contact Jake Boyle on 01797 222 796 or Email Jake here

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