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Singing Lessons & Public Speaking Confidence


Next Group Course wil be held in Rye, East Sussex, February 2016


Please email me for details or to reserve a place

The course runs for 6 sessions of 90 minutes per session giving you 9 hours of specialised coaching.

The core elements of the Vocalwise group Voice Workout are: 

  • Singing and Voice Exercise
  • Controlling and strengthening breath  
  • Confidence Building

  • Relaxation & Performance State control 
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Song Performance 
  • Voice Freedom

This course is an exercise class for your voice. 

The course aims to improve your vocal capabilities and confidence allowing more freedom and expression for your song - singing or speaking, whether you sing in a choir, band or at home.

Another unique benefit is that you have a chance to sing a song to the rest of the group (only if you want to).  This is great for getting accustomed to singing to an audience in a safe environment with like - minded people.

Everyone from the age of 17 is welcome to experience this course. It is non academic, enjoyable and fully practical.

This course is in it’s 12th successful year and has been a solid stepping stone for many people.

Vocalwise Group Course held in Rye, East Sussex February 2016 please email for details



contact Jake Boyle on 01797 222 796 or Email Jake here

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