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Singing Lessons & Public Speaking Confidence

Want to write a song?

Vocalwise offers guidance in songwriting and creativity. You can learn:
  • how to begin songwriting
  • how to build chord sequences, bass lines and beats
  • approaches to lyric writing
  • infinite ways to write a song
  • what is production
  • releasing "stuckness" in your writing
  • clearing writers block
Songwriting coaching is given as a one - off session to get you started or a number of sessions to work through a me to find what’s best for you.

Want to record your song?

You may have written some words and have the start of a tune but find don’t have the musical expertise to complete the song or produce a recording.
I regularly co-write and produce a song from start to finish with my singing / songwriting clients.

This includes playing instruments for your recording and full support throughout the writing & recording process.
Give me a call or e mail and I can give you an idea of how we can complete your song or production.

Have a listen to these wonderful excerpts from collaborations with these talented clients. All recordings were done here at Vocalwise and the clients came here with only lyrics and tune, the rest of the music and recording is done for you, to your brief.

Most of these songs were completed in 1 or 2 day sessions...enjoy & be inspired - you can do it too!
Excerpts from songwriters       
ISSEYCEE 'Young at Heart'    
contact Jake Boyle on 01797 222 796 or Email Jake here

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