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Singing Lessons & Public Speaking Confidence

Some emails from some Public Speaking clients

You can see what kind of speaking these people may have been doing by reading their comments.

Hi Jake,

Hope you are well

Just though that I would let you know about my public speaking event. Well no fear, old rubbish, at all! yep! and I thoroughly enjoyed the pauses.

Feedback: "superb talk", "you've done this before" - they did have a lot of questions - I went into answer mode and enjoyed that part too.

 Thanks Jake! the IPR and especially your personal touch has been superb!

 I think I might need to step this up a pace, in the near future, so I will arrange a session or two.

Very best wishes



" My 20 year old son suffered a severe lack of confidence.

  This made going out , speaking with others, parties and university extremely difficult for him.

Following just 3 sessions with Jake I, and many others, saw a huge improvement.

 My son is so much better, far more confident and at ease with himself.

I was so proud when my son made a speech to 60 friends at his 21st birthday party. This would not have happened without Jake, to whom I am most grateful"

Julie Middup


 Hi Jake

 Just a little line to you as I know Ollie tried calling you on Friday and left a message but did not get to talk to you directly. Everything went well and

 Ollie seemed happy with the out come ! We don't know how well he did yet but under your expert guidance I believe he did very well of course and over all

 Ollie seems much happier with the thought of speaking in front of his peers, so thank you !

 Will be in touch,



 I work as Mind Body Therapist, having qualified in Counselling, Reiki and NLP.

People were telling me that I ought to present workshops and was presented an opportunity for me to do just that for a National Charity !

 I felt that this was going to take me out of my comfort zone but at the same time knew that this was a step I needed to take.

 How fortunate I was to find Jake to help me to take that step.

The first thing that Jake did was to reinforce my belief in myself ~ that I knew and was passionate about my subject.

Added to this were NLP visualisation techniques to help me to achieve the performance I wanted.Needless to say with all these skill/ tools, the workshop went extremely well ! Jake is a remarkable young man ~ empathic, intuitive, clear thinking and focused~ a natural communicator and teacher.

I feel privileged to have worked with him and would highly recommend him. 

Beverley Hamilton BA (Hons)


Thank you for the confidence you gave me to be in Les Miserable. This was made possible from your belief in me, your vocal coaching and use of NLP techniques. 

Alice Taylor


I meant to call you to say how successful your sessions with me were for my public speaking. I have done alot of presentations since then and feel alot more confident about them,  

 So many thanks for your help. 


Maureen        (  )  Manager

 " I am truly impressed how, in a few hours only, Jake gave me the confidence to deliver such a powerful presentation with skills that have continued to help in every day life"


 Huge thanks for today - it was again a compelling presentation and an affirmation of your great approach. You held everyones attention and speak with such authority that I dont think there can be any doubts as to its success.

Some feedback from an impressed Company Director 

Having recently set up a new business, I felt I needed to improve my confidence in public speaking. Jake helped me through NLP techniques, including 'change of state' and 'visualisation', to see presentations as something to enjoy rather than fear. I very much enjoyed working with Jake and subsequently attended his Vocalwise classes to further improve my voice projection and performance in front of others - it was great fun!


                     If it wasn't for you i wouldn't be going into this with as much confidence as i am! so thank you very much. I've really found all the exercises very helpful especially the Mental Rehearsal techniques so thanks once again. Lesley x

Hi Jake,

Hows things?

We are back now from our honeymoons in Iceland and then Kos.

Just a quick note to say thanks again for the coaching and all the help!  The speech went well on the day -  all in all it was a huge success!  The reception I got for it was great, Annie loved it and it was a truly special moment!  

Hope all is well and thanks so very much again for helping me to make our special day, that bit more special!



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